Lindinger Inspection Engineers, Inc’s "Inspection Tracking Programs" (ITPs) are software systems specifically tailored to Lindinger to assist in the Coordination of all Supplier Quality Surveillance and Expediting Assignments.  Lindinger’s ITPs enhance our Coordinator’s effectiveness by providing real time tracking of Active Assignments such as scheduled visits, order status, report submittals, and budget management which helps to ensure our Clients are provided with the most accurate information as needed.  Lindinger’s ITPs provide the ability to monitor Inspector performance helping to ensure that we are able to propose and assign not only the most Qualified Inspector, but the one who is most compatible to our Client’s needs.  Finally, Lindinger’s ITPs allow for any-time access to all project documentation (specs, reports, email correspondence) from anywhere with an internet connection.


The most critical position within an Inspection Agency is that of the Project Coordinator.
Lindinger's Coordinators ensure that our Inspectors know the requirements of the assignment and have all of the necessary tools to perform at their highest levels.  Lindinger's Coordinators understand that they are an extension of the Clients they represent.  



Lindinger has the best Coordinators in the industry.

  • Limited turn-over
  • Single point of contact (day/night)
  • Prompt Response Time 
  • Understanding of Clients’ needs 
  • Detailed tracking of all inspection assignments
  • Willingness to adapt and the drive to constantly improve

Lindinger ensures the quality of it's Coordinators.

  • Limit each Coordinator’s Clientele to allow them to better understand their Client's individual needs
  • Provide technical support when/as needed
  • Promote field training by Senior Inspectors
  • Provide outside training related to Quality and Inspection
  • Provide a positive working environment




Lindinger Inspection ​Engineers, Inc